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The Art of Giving Your Woman an Erotic Massage

I rarely beg anyone for anything… but here, I am asking all of you to read this post… and follow the advice if what you want is to turn on your woman in a way you have either never done… or haven’t done in a long time. We all love to get a massage… and […]

Five Yoga Moves for Great Sex

We all know that Yoga is wonderful for a variety of things from stress reduction to slowing the aging process. It can also unleash the inner vixen and make a humdrum sex life turn into an incredible experience that you just can’t get enough of. The ultimate mind body experience is great sex, yet so […]

Err-otic… Are You Screwing Up In Bed?

There are numerous ways to make sex steamy, especially if you pay attention to your partner and know what they like… even when they don’t come out and say it. The thing you want to avoid is doing the wrong thing so that your partner doesn’t get bored or turned off. There are a few […]

The Best Way to Screw Up Great Sex

The Best Way to Screw Up Great Sex

Okay, so we have covered five ways to have the best sex ever… it is equally beneficial to talk about the five biggest mistakes you can make that will guarantee mediocre sex at best. 1. The first sex no-no is drugs and booze. Many make the mistake in thinking that a little alcohol will help […]

Erotic Stories Content

Looking for erotic stories to post on the site. Stories must grab the reader, turn them on, make them feel good so that they want to ravage their partner when they are done. Stories CAN NOT be violent in nature or involve animals. I want my readers to enjoy the story not be disgusted by […]

Having Great Sex

Ahhh, something we all think about, yearn for… crave… some of us are even lucky enough to have incredible sex on a regular basis. What is it that separates the some from the many? Could there be some secret pieces of information that only a few know and use to get the most out of […]

Butterfly Position

If you are looking for the ultimate sexual position, look no further. This is the one that is damn near guaranteed to get the woman off every time. How to Do