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Crazy Sex Moves to Scorch the Bed Sheets

It’s time to throw out the idea that there are only certain times of the day to have sex. We all have those moments when we are driving down the road… sitting at our desk at work… wake up in the middle of the night… walking down the aisle at the grocery. While public sex […]

Guide to Performing Cunnilingus

I wanted to add a little more to the previous post, where one of my readers wanted to know how to get her man to perform cunnilingus. There is possibly another reason a man wouldn’t want to do it, and that is because he doesn’t know how. See contrary to what we as women think […]

How To Get a Guy to Try Cunnilingis

I decided to write this post in response to a question from a reader. Asking my “expert” opinion on the matter of cunnilingus and how to get a man to perform it when he isn’t into it, he had tried it once and swore he would never do it again. The best advice I can […]

17 Things Woman Do Wrong in Bed

While we as woman like to think that we never do anything wrong, and it is the man’s fault something didn’t go right. There are a few of us woman that realize yes, there are things that we do that can completely ruin sex. So to help all of you clueless women out there that […]

14 Mistakes Men Make in Bed

Sex can be great, but there are lots of little pitfalls to avoid, simple things which can be passion killers for most, if not all, women. Not all these pointers will apply to all relationships, but why not avoid potential problems by seeing if any of them apply to yours? You would think that most […]

Hunger: Preview

Hunger Written By: Anonymous To my love, I’ve been dreaming of you for too long, awaiting for the touch of your body. I can’t help but hunger for you as you are so far away. Knowing you are coming home in a short time, I want you to know just what I’ve been thinking. I […]

How to Give An Incredible Blow Job: A Man’s Answer and a Woman’s Answer

  I think oral sex is an important part of foreplay. There are times when going all the way just isn’t possible… or as exciting as giving him what he really wants when we really wants it. This can be in the shower… to wake him up in the morning…in your home office while the […]