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Erotic Stories Content

Looking for erotic stories to post on the site. Stories must grab the reader, turn them on, make them feel good so that they want to ravage their partner when they are done.

Stories CAN NOT be violent in nature or involve animals. I want my readers to enjoy the story not be disgusted by what they are reading.

I will pick three winners, the winners will have their stories published here under their name/pen name and could include a monetary prize or gift as well.

Consider this contest a way for you to express yourself, get some free press and possibly something that will benefit your sex life. 😉

Send your stories to sinfulindulgence11@yahoo.com.

Contest ends June 30th, winners will be announced July 4th!

Please include the pen name/name you would like used for the story and email address.

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Having Great Sex

Ahhh, something we all think about, yearn for… crave… some of us are even lucky enough to have incredible sex on a regular basis. What is it that separates the some from the many? Could there be some secret pieces of information that only a few know and use to get the most out of their sex life? I am sure that answer to that is yes. Believe it or not the tactics that you may be missing have nothing to do with different positions, fancy sex toys or enticing lubes that crank up the fun. What you are missing is in your head.

the passion of the dance

Here are five things you can do to give your sex life a boost and go from hoohummm sex to “Oh La La!”

1. Things that get the oxytocin flowing. Sound too medical? Unfortunately oxytocin is the most underappreciated aphrodisiac known to man. This is a naturally occurring hormone that when “flowing” initiates an intense urge to “bond” in both men and women. Oxytocin is also known as the “chemical of commitment” and my personal favorite “hormonal superglue.”  Continue Reading »


Guide to Performing Cunnilingus

I wanted to add a little more to the previous post, where one of my readers wanted to know how to get her man to perform cunnilingus. There is possibly another reason a man wouldn’t want to do it, and that is because he doesn’t know how.

See contrary to what we as women think and what most men want us to believe, cunnilingus is NOT a natural born talent, it is a skill that must be practiced and perfected. This goes for lesbians as well, yes we as women all have a vagina but that doesn’t mean we as a woman necessarily know what to do to another woman to make her scream.

sexy lips

First understand that no two women are the same. So just because you were outstanding at eating out one woman doesn’t mean that you are going to be an award winning pussy eater for every woman. What does this mean then? It means that you can try your old techniques on a new partner but you better be ready to relearn your tactical skills. So what are you to do?  Continue Reading »


How To Get a Guy to Try Cunnilingis

I decided to write this post in response to a question from a reader. Asking my “expert” opinion on the matter of cunnilingus and how to get a man to perform it when he isn’t into it, he had tried it once and swore he would never do it again.

The best advice I can give you on any matter concerning sex and something you want to try or you want your partner to try is to talk to them. For this question specifically you should talk to your man and find out what it was that turned him off in the first place.

If you think about it, there are a number of reasons that a guy might not want to perform oral sex on girl. Perhaps their last experience was with someone that was less then hygienic, so odor and taste could be an issue. Maybe they didn’t like the feeling of the hair in their mouth and between their teeth. It could be that they have an issue with putting their mouth somewhere they feel it shouldn’t be. But talk to him and find out what the reason is, this will help you both find a way to try to overcome the aversion.

For example, if it is taste use a flavored lubricant. There are MANY different flavors, there is bound to be one that he would enjoy. As I have said in the past, make sure that you are clean, make sure that your hair is short or shaved which ever is your preference. You might also want to try a pair of edible panties. Try to make it as fun and enjoyable for him as possible.

If he likes getting a blow job I recommend offering to do a “69.” This way he is being gratified at the same time you are getting what you want. Ask him to try it just once with you and see if he still has the same feelings about. Sometimes to overcome a bad experience you have to dive right in and try it again.

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Butterfly Position


If you are looking for the ultimate sexual position, look no further. This is the one that is damn near guaranteed to get the woman off every time.

How to Do Continue Reading »

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17 Things Woman Do Wrong in Bed

While we as woman like to think that we never do anything wrong, and it is the man’s fault something didn’t go right. There are a few of us woman that realize yes, there are things that we do that can completely ruin sex. So to help all of you clueless women out there that want to think they are doing sex right, I am supplying you with a list of things that WOMAN do wrong in bed.

lingere sinful indulgence

You may want to pay attention to these little tips… if you really want to keep you man from fantasizing about other woman. And before you write to me and complain that there are more things that woman do wrong then men listed… get over it. This isn’t Cosmo or Glamour, my goal isn’t to make you think you are doing everything right… I want you to know what you are doing wrong so that you can improve your sexual relationship.  Continue Reading »

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14 Mistakes Men Make in Bed

Sex can be great, but there are lots of little pitfalls to avoid, simple things which can be passion killers for most, if not all, women. Not all these pointers will apply to all relationships, but why not avoid potential problems by seeing if any of them apply to yours?

You would think that most of what is listed here is plain common sense…. but there are still men that will do atleast one of these “No-no’s” in bed and then wonder why their woman isn’t raving tot he neighbors about what a great lover he is.

So here are 14 tips that you should take to heart, if you really want to see or feel a change in the excitement in the bedroom. Continue Reading »