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Crazy Sex Moves to Scorch the Bed Sheets

erotic moves

It’s time to throw out the idea that there are only certain times of the day to have sex. We all have those moments when we are driving down the road… sitting at our desk at work… wake up in the middle of the night… walking down the aisle at the grocery. While public sex is hot, I am not advocating getting arrested… though you may want to discreetly give sex in public a try. Here are a number of hot moves that you can use whenever the urge hits you.

Movie Marathon 

Hmmmm, not really talking about the tear jerking touchy feeling movie here, I am referring to the naughty movies that are out there. Keep in mind that you don’t have to go all out porn. There are a number of excellent erotic movies that are intensely sexual yet not blatant f**king. I know that some people out there enjoy porn, and more power to you… I am just telling you that it isn’t the only option and if your partner isn’t into it maybe you can give erotic film a shot. Here are a few:

The Piano Teacher

In the Realm of Senses


Nine songs

Make It HOT for Him

Oh yes ladies, it is time to think of ways to knock his socks off. If you want to make his orgasm even more intense try this little move. Place two of your fingers about an inch behind his balls, you are feeling for a dent (this is huge pleasure trigger) you want to rub this area for about 30 seconds before he cums… I promise you he will thank you for it.

Get Kinky

You know those nylon stockings that you hate wearing… get out a pair and tie two knots in them and tie it around the base of your partner’s penis. Now… tie it gently because the last thing you want to do is cut off blood flow… Make the tie snug but let it have some give. What this will do is make your mate more sensitive and it offers you a little more stimulation if you are a girl on top kind of girl.


Yes, for some reason, this really turns guys on. Just once… close your eyes and masturbate in front of him. In a way, it can be a “teaching” moment, cause while it is turning him on to watch… he can also be taking a few cues on what makes you moan.


Get a small mirror and place it to the side of where ever the two of you are going at it, make sure it is parallel to his body so that he has an incredible eye popping view of you going down on him.


Stop, I am not talking about sexting here. This is more of a game to peak his curiosity and get him excited all at the same time. Send single word messages to your man throughout the day… racy one word messages. That alone mean nothing, but when put together tell him precisely what you want him to do to you… or what you want to do to him.

Get Out

Take it outside. You don’t have to find a public spot, where there is a good chance you are going to have an audience. Grab a sleeping bag or quilt and go out in the back yard. If you want to stay inside the sleeping bag, this can make for an incredibly intimate missionary style session… or be daring and use it as a cushion and explore each other out in the open.

Never Have a Headache

Don’t laugh… but if you really want to rev up your libido the answer is NOT putting sex off. Make every effort to have sex each and every day for a month. So forget the “I have a headache” line, (I would like to point out that sex is actually an excellent all natural cure for most headaches)… come on, you can do it. Don’t stop until you orgasm, at least each day.

The Almost Blow Job

First ladies, we need to get over the notion that men only like to be kissed, licked and sucked on the penis. They don’t only like it there… and a test of this… lick and kiss your way down his body, stop just short of his penis… and work your way back up his body. Do this two or three times… until he begs you to stop stopping before you go all the way. One they love getting the attention all over their body… and two even if oral sex is not your forte… he will appreciate whatever you do once you get there.  😉

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