The Art of Giving Your Woman an Erotic Massage

I rarely beg anyone for anything… but here, I am asking all of you to read this post… and follow the advice if what you want is to turn on your woman in a way you have either never done… or haven’t done in a long time.

We all love to get a massage… and it seems that if it is our partner doing the massage they do it on the assumption that it is going to lead to sex. Gentleman… and ladies… not all massages are going to lead to sex… because not all massages get the fire ignited. It isn’t that your partner isn’t interested in sex. Hopefully they enjoy sex! It could very well be in the way you are touching her.

There are generally two reasons that the partner doing the massage doesn’t get what they want… they are either afraid of being rejected or they have no idea how to start an erotic massage. Granted on a whole any woman you talk to and ask if she wants a massage and she is going to stop what she is doing and ask where you want her to… But an erotic massage is something else, and really the person getting the massage has to be in the mood for one. 

I know, I can hear the men of the world already saying that they are going to get the “I have a headache,” or “Not tonight I am just too tired,” excuses. Honestly men, I have yet to understand why people use the “I have a headache” to get out of sex because it is one of the best cures for a headache I have ever used.

I digress, what I want to stress here is that you can con counteract just about any excuse she is going to throw at you by following what I am about to tell you.


First understand that before you can get what you want… you may have to work her into it… and you can do that with a nice regular massage. Be prepared. Take the time to set up your “stage.” Where ever you plan on seducing her.

Make sure your hands are lotioned and supple.  Your hands should be warm. Nothing makes a woman tense up and jump out of her skin like cold hands… rather counterproductive for what you are going for. Know that when you are applying the oil or lotion you want to put it in YOUR hands first, rub them together and then put it on her body. Make sure your touch is light, you want to peak her arousal… not cause bruises.

Buy some baby wipes, massage lotion or oil (can be scented… lickable… heated…) just make sure it is safe for internal use as well, a towel… and be daring… get a blindfold.

A Full Body Sensual Massage

This… this could be an important piece of information.  You DO NOT have to massage every inch of her body… and you don’t have to just use your hands. Before you jump too far ahead, you can use your arms, chest and stomach to massage her as well… it is really the feel of you against her, using your body to massage her body.

Mmmmmmm… but wait, there is more. If you are uncomfortable using your upper body or don’t think she will appreciate it… use your mouth and tongue. Gentle… wet kissing… licking and feel of warm breath against the skin… guaranteed to elicit an erotic response.

Multi-Task With Your Hands

In order for you to get what you want… you are going to have to give her what she needs. You can use one hand to caress her body while the other hand explores her body… on the inside. Find her G-spot with your finger… touching her… feeling your warm breath on her body… make her climax. Get creative, seductive… tell her you want to blindfold her so that she can completely enjoy what you are about to do. The added bonus here, you take away one of the senses and it heightens the sensitivity of the other senses.

Now it isn’t just about the G-spot…

The Erogenous Zones

Contrary to what most men think… there are other areas of our body aside from our feet, nipples and vagina that can arouse us if they are touched right. The wrists… the ears… the fingers (put her finger in your mouth, close your lips and let your tongue caress her finger as you slowly slid it out of your mouth…. Sigh… moan… luscious)… the back of her neck, the curve of her side… I could go on but I am hoping you get the idea. Lick… kiss… rub… nibble if you want on all these areas and you are going to make her feel amazing. The more you show her how irresistible she is… the more irresistible you are.

This doesn’t mean leave out the clitoris, labia or breasts… it just means that there is more to it than that. Just as there are more ways to arouse you than rubbing your penis… any intelligent woman knows that… and if she doesn’t she should send me an email so I can educate her.

Create a Sensual Bath

No one said that an erotic massage had to stay in the bed… or on the table… or the floor… or the couch. If there is too much oil, move it to the tub. Fill the tub with warm water… bubbles… I recommend the blindfold here as well, and put her in the tub. You can always get in the tub with her… or you can work your magic by staying out.

Create an experience here. Light some candles… incense… maybe even soft music. Use your hands to rub her body… stimulate her insides… until BOTH of you can’t take it anymore. The goal is for her to jump out of the tub… or pull you in… and beg you for more. She might surprise you and just take you right there wherever you are!

Don’t let your sex life stay dull and boring for one more day. Don’t be like any other guy she has been with. Create a night (or morning) that she is going to remember… one that she is going to want you to do again. If you take the time to show her how much she is appreciated… how much she means to you… she is going to be more inclined to repay those acts of kindness with an act of kindness that will rock your world.

And if she doesn’t… have her email me because I will need to educate her on that too.

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2 comments on “The Art of Giving Your Woman an Erotic Massage

  1. Wow, I have a guest blogger who talked about erotic massages too. Great post. I will let him know about yours and send him here to read it.

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