Five Yoga Moves for Great Sex

We all know that Yoga is wonderful for a variety of things from stress reduction to slowing the aging process. It can also unleash the inner vixen and make a humdrum sex life turn into an incredible experience that you just can’t get enough of.

yoga sex

The ultimate mind body experience is great sex, yet so many people aren’t having great sex… especially women. Now believe it or not… if you are not having great sex, neither is your partner. One they know when you aren’t really enjoying it, regardless of whether they say something… and two they don’t know how to fix it for you. They sex starts in the head… and it does, your own head

Yoga teaches true mindfulness, in other words, it teaches you how to live in the moment… the present moment. It is hard to enjoy sex when you are thinking about the bills that have to be paid, the kids, work, cleaning the house and so on. Women in general, have a VERY difficult time focusing on sex. This leads to boring… unemotional sex… it becomes one more thing that you have to do… not that you want to do.

My friends, life is too short to not have great sex… and have it as often as possible. Stop expecting your spouse or partner to make it incredible because they can’t if you don’t tap into yourself. I promise you if you take my advice here it will change your life, your entire life… not just the sex.

Cat Pose

I prefer to give you videos on these poses because it is easier to see them done then to have them explained. Here is an excellent video that will help you with doing the pose the correct way: YouTube Video

Why this pose works, it strengthens the Kegel muscles… yes ladies, there is a very good reason that you are told and teased about doing Kegel exercises. These are the muscles that contract during an orgasm. If they aren’t toned… they aren’t going to help you…

Cobra Pose

Here is your video: http://youtu.be/B-q9_fJRSGw

The Cobra pose will help improve your sex life because this pose is all about opening the heart chakra. This pose indirectly connects to your sexual intimacy. The heart chakra is where breath, love and energy come from. This can be a wonderful pose for you and your partner to do if the day has seemed to suck the energy out of you and you still want to feel sexy.

Downward Dog

This is one of my favorite poses because it just forces you to pay attention to your body. This is a nice video because she is going to show you how to do a half dog pose, if you are new to Yoga then you are probably going to want to start with the half dog. http://youtu.be/YYzGPi_267A

Why this pose helps… as I said earlier it forces you to focus on you. Your gaze is only to be on you… take this time to look inward. It is almost as if you are closing your eyes, but don’t. The point of downward dog is to allow you to rest, to help you find inner peace. So that you can turn off your head and focus on you, which is important for great sex.

You can also do downward dog as a couple… and I don’t mean as a position. But downward dog is a wonderful “presex” position due to the fact it warms your body slowly and helps you focus on the moment. If you don’t try any other yoga pose… I recommend this one.

Bound Angle

This pose looks very simple but it isn’t. It is very effective and with practice your flexibility will improve. So I am giving you two videos here, the first one is for those that need to work on your flexibility http://youtu.be/UGbuJwPhE3w. The second one is for those that are pretty flexible http://youtu.be/lpum5wW9Dro.

This is also one that I highly recommend. It works because it helps to open up the hips so that your range of motion will increase and it also heats up the groin area. Improved flexibility and getting the blood flowing where it needs to be are important for great sex.


Okay, next to downward dog, this is my second favorite Yoga pose. It is an awesome core strengthening make you feel good pose. It looks so simple and you wonder how in the world it can really be providing any benefit until you do it and then you are like “Ahhhh, that is what it does.” There isn’t anyone that can’t do this pose. http://youtu.be/btB13yctCTU

So why does this work, because it makes you feel good. Plank is an awesome confidence boosting strength pose. You have to focus and engage the abdominal muscles to do this the right way and maintain proper form. This move is going to help you transform your body as well. If you start feeling better about what you see in the mirror you are going to start to feel sexier… this is going to help in the bedroom.

These are only five Yoga poses that will help with great sex. The key with Yoga is that you need to do it the right way and you need to do it on a regular basis to get the maximum benefits from it. It is great for men and women and anyone can do it.

Remember that great sex starts in the head… in your own head. It doesn’t matter how phenomenal your partner is if you can’t shut your head off long enough to be in the moment with them. Life is too short to not have great sex and the only thing stopping your from having the sex life that they make movies about is you.

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