The Best Sex Positions, for Real People

Well, I haven’t kept this as up to date as I would like, so I am going to attempt to make it up to you.

Tonight’s post is inspired… was inspired by someone that is rather incredible.

We are going to start off with what they say are the best sex positions… If you have read the Kama Sutra… I have… there are some positions that are supposed to be incredible taking you to new levels of enlightenment, but they are not the easiest to get into.

Sex is should be enjoyable and the sweat should come from the intensity between the two of you NOT from attempting to balance upside down.

We are going to focus on the men first. The positions that are supposed to be the best for him. I will even offer you a few tips here and there, for example… generally speaking a position where the female is the dominant one is going to help your man last longer. Such as the Cowgirl’s Helper

For this position you are going to kneel on top of him, using his chest as your stability as you push off his chest you are sliding up and down his thighs. The key here is that he has to support some of your weight by grabbing your hips and thighs as he moves to meet each thrust.

This is less stressful on your legs so that you are able to climax easier, and as I said earlier… it will take him longer. You can spice it up (I recommend that you do) by changing your thrusting from shallow to deep. This will help to stimulate different parts of the vagina.

There is the FlatIron, (oh these position names…) for this position you are going to lay face down with your legs straight and your hips raised SLIGHTLY. The goal here is to create a “snug fit.” Move with him, breathe deeply and you are both going to enjoy this position. This is an easy position, it is comfortable for both of you, it can become incredible erotic if your man’s body is close to yours so that with a turn of the head you are able to kiss… you can easily change to other positions from here as well, to where you are both on your sides.. easier to kiss this way and allows him to explore your body because we all know that there is more than one way to get a women off.

The infamous Missionary position. I think that this position is overlooked because people just assume that this is the position that you are supposed to be in. Personally this is one of the best positions to torture your man in. You can change the angle of your legs, move your hips… push away from him… almost as if you are making him chase you. He can be as close to you as possible or you can be far enough way to see and enjoy each other with your eyes and your hands.

Regardless of the position you are in you have to be able to enjoy what you are doing. If you aren’t it isn’t going to help him… or you. Take the time to pay attention to the way his body responds to what you are doing. Despite what Hollywood wants people to believe there is more to a man than a blowjob and a quickie. Though if you’re smart you will master the blowjob art because it can be the beginning of an incredible time… or at the very least something that can discreetly somewhere else that will lead to something even better when you are alone.

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2 comments on “The Best Sex Positions, for Real People

  1. My girlfriend and I use all of these positions. One of our favorites though is what I call the crab. I’m sure there is a book with a better name…We position ourselves so that our feet are by each others head. We can take it slow or fast, hard or soft. It is also an easy position for us to sit up at any time for some kissing and fondling.

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