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The Best Way to Screw Up Great Sex

Okay, so we have covered five ways to have the best sex ever… it is equally beneficial to talk about the five biggest mistakes you can make that will guarantee mediocre sex at best.

1. The first sex no-no is drugs and booze. Many make the mistake in thinking that a little alcohol will help loosen them up or loosen their partner up for some uninhibited fun. Guess what, it does relax you and it can also steal away the ability to perform or enjoy what you are doing. For all those that are looking to chemical stimulants to help them last for hours, a popular one being speed… speed actually causes 40% of men that have taken it to lose their erection! Do you really want to risk it?

2. Food! Mmmmm, we all know about the delectable edibles that are considered potent aphrodisiacs but consuming too much food can wipe out the libido as can eating too little. That amount is individual so you have to find the amount that works best for you.

3. This one is more about the ladies… but all of you lovely men should take note. While porno can be a turn on for some hardcore visual porno is a mood killer for women.

4. Again, this is more about the ladies… distractions can also fizzle even the hottest of flames. Unlike men who once they get turned on and reach that final stage of arousal they aren’t able to stop… women, not so much. Something as simple as a baby cry, the ring of the phone, unexpected noise can wipe out all that fantastic foreplay and touches in all the right spots. Distraction is the number one orgasm killer for women.

5. Stress, I think it is safe to say that we all know that stress is not only a mood killer it can actually make it difficult to perform sexually. This is especially true for men, so ladies… you need to stop and think about your man in these tough times. Men take it as a personal attack against them if their professional lives are unfulfilling or suddenly cease. They want to be able to take care of you and not being able to do that does impact their ability to get an erection. Be kind to one another, stop and think about your partner and how you can help them.


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