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Err-otic… Are You Screwing Up In Bed?

There are numerous ways to make sex steamy, especially if you pay attention to your partner and know what they like… even when they don’t come out and say it. The thing you want to avoid is doing the wrong thing so that your partner doesn’t get bored or turned off. There are a few things that us women really need to understand about our men.

The way you approach love making could be the opposite of what your man really wants.

Your man really doesn’t want you to make sex all about him. Yes you need to make sure he is enjoying himself, but DON’T make him the focus of the love making. Your guy wants to please you as much as you want to please him… and he wants to know he is doing what turns you on. When your man sees your reaction and knows he is satisfying you gives him a huge ego boost which will make the love making even more intense for the both of you.

Another thing your man may not be telling you… there is more than one place to touch him. Yes there is the obvious place but men really have more than one erogenous zone. Consider giving him a total body massage. Pay attention to his ears, neck and other places… surprise him, he will be enjoying the exploration not knowing where you are going to go next extending his pleasurable  experience.

Now this one might really surprise you, but men don’t really like incredibly kinky stuff. While you may have read in some magazine or on the net about some new position to try or a technique that is supposed to knock the guys socks off… you don’t want to go so far that you breach the comfort zone of your guy or your comfort zone.

It is very important that you remember the best way to have incredible sex is to be connected to your partner. Pay attention to the way they respond to what is going on. Sometimes keeping things simple is the most pleasing way to go.


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