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Crazy Sex Moves to Scorch the Bed Sheets

erotic moves

It’s time to throw out the idea that there are only certain times of the day to have sex. We all have those moments when we are driving down the road… sitting at our desk at work… wake up in the middle of the night… walking down the aisle at the grocery. While public sex is hot, I am not advocating getting arrested… though you may want to discreetly give sex in public a try. Here are a number of hot moves that you can use whenever the urge hits you.

Movie Marathon  Continue Reading »


The Art of Giving Your Woman an Erotic Massage

I rarely beg anyone for anything… but here, I am asking all of you to read this post… and follow the advice if what you want is to turn on your woman in a way you have either never done… or haven’t done in a long time.

We all love to get a massage… and it seems that if it is our partner doing the massage they do it on the assumption that it is going to lead to sex. Gentleman… and ladies… not all massages are going to lead to sex… because not all massages get the fire ignited. It isn’t that your partner isn’t interested in sex. Hopefully they enjoy sex! It could very well be in the way you are touching her.

There are generally two reasons that the partner doing the massage doesn’t get what they want… they are either afraid of being rejected or they have no idea how to start an erotic massage. Granted on a whole any woman you talk to and ask if she wants a massage and she is going to stop what she is doing and ask where you want her to… But an erotic massage is something else, and really the person getting the massage has to be in the mood for one.  Continue Reading »


Five Yoga Moves for Great Sex

We all know that Yoga is wonderful for a variety of things from stress reduction to slowing the aging process. It can also unleash the inner vixen and make a humdrum sex life turn into an incredible experience that you just can’t get enough of.

yoga sex

The ultimate mind body experience is great sex, yet so many people aren’t having great sex… especially women. Now believe it or not… if you are not having great sex, neither is your partner. One they know when you aren’t really enjoying it, regardless of whether they say something… and two they don’t know how to fix it for you. They sex starts in the head… and it does, your own headContinue Reading »


The Best Sex Positions, for Real People

Well, I haven’t kept this as up to date as I would like, so I am going to attempt to make it up to you.

Tonight’s post is inspired… was inspired by someone that is rather incredible.

We are going to start off with what they say are the best sex positions… If you have read the Kama Sutra… I have… there are some positions that are supposed to be incredible taking you to new levels of enlightenment, but they are not the easiest to get into.

Sex is should be enjoyable and the sweat should come from the intensity between the two of you NOT from attempting to balance upside down.

We are going to focus on the men first. The positions that are supposed to be the best for him. I will even offer you a few tips here and there, for example… generally speaking a position where the female is the dominant one is going to help your man last longer. Such as the Cowgirl’s HelperContinue Reading »

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Err-otic… Are You Screwing Up In Bed?

There are numerous ways to make sex steamy, especially if you pay attention to your partner and know what they like… even when they don’t come out and say it. The thing you want to avoid is doing the wrong thing so that your partner doesn’t get bored or turned off. There are a few things that us women really need to understand about our men.

The way you approach love making could be the opposite of what your man really wants.

Your man really doesn’t want you to make sex all about him. Yes you need to make sure he is enjoying himself, but DON’T make him the focus of the love making. Your guy wants to please you as much as you want to please him… and he wants to know he is doing what turns you on. When your man sees your reaction and knows he is satisfying you gives him a huge ego boost which will make the love making even more intense for the both of you.

Another thing your man may not be telling you… there is more than one place to touch him. Yes there is the obvious place but men really have more than one erogenous zone. Consider giving him a total body massage. Pay attention to his ears, neck and other places… surprise him, he will be enjoying the exploration not knowing where you are going to go next extending his pleasurable  experience.

Now this one might really surprise you, but men don’t really like incredibly kinky stuff. While you may have read in some magazine or on the net about some new position to try or a technique that is supposed to knock the guys socks off… you don’t want to go so far that you breach the comfort zone of your guy or your comfort zone.

It is very important that you remember the best way to have incredible sex is to be connected to your partner. Pay attention to the way they respond to what is going on. Sometimes keeping things simple is the most pleasing way to go.

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The Best Way to Screw Up Great Sex

Okay, so we have covered five ways to have the best sex ever… it is equally beneficial to talk about the five biggest mistakes you can make that will guarantee mediocre sex at best.

1. The first sex no-no is drugs and booze. Many make the mistake in thinking that a little alcohol will help loosen them up or loosen their partner up for some uninhibited fun. Guess what, it does relax you and it can also steal away the ability to perform or enjoy what you are doing. For all those that are looking to chemical stimulants to help them last for hours, a popular one being speed… speed actually causes 40% of men that have taken it to lose their erection! Do you really want to risk it?

2. Food! Mmmmm, we all know about the delectable edibles that are considered potent aphrodisiacs but consuming too much food can wipe out the libido as can eating too little. That amount is individual so you have to find the amount that works best for you.

3. This one is more about the ladies… but all of you lovely men should take note. While porno can be a turn on for some hardcore visual porno is a mood killer for women.

4. Again, this is more about the ladies… distractions can also fizzle even the hottest of flames. Unlike men who once they get turned on and reach that final stage of arousal they aren’t able to stop… women, not so much. Something as simple as a baby cry, the ring of the phone, unexpected noise can wipe out all that fantastic foreplay and touches in all the right spots. Distraction is the number one orgasm killer for women.

5. Stress, I think it is safe to say that we all know that stress is not only a mood killer it can actually make it difficult to perform sexually. This is especially true for men, so ladies… you need to stop and think about your man in these tough times. Men take it as a personal attack against them if their professional lives are unfulfilling or suddenly cease. They want to be able to take care of you and not being able to do that does impact their ability to get an erection. Be kind to one another, stop and think about your partner and how you can help them.